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ISell Penny-Tees (iCarly)

I like peace and quiet (talkcontribs)

This page was marked for deletion at the terrible TV shows, and I explained that it just needs more reasons why it sucks. So, can you add to it? Also, I suggested April Fool's Blank (Victorious) for another bad episode of a good show. And currently I am writing about Teletubbies at terrible TV shows wiki but it will need help. If you don't know about Teletubbies, then what about other little kids' shows such as Max & Ruby? BTW, I saw trashanimal was going to write about Teletubbies, but decided not to. The same happened with Max & Ruby. So, maybe he can help on Teletubbies. But what are other iCarly and Victorious episodes that need to be on the terrible TV shows? I was also going to write some Liv and Maddie episodes at both terrible TV shows and best TV shows. Hopefully though, there will be more on the best TV shows.

I like peace and quiet (talkcontribs)
NTM (talkcontribs)

Hey dude. I just added 2 more reasons for your page. Now, I have a special of 3 Disney Channel shows in my sandbox, it’s a crossover, "That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana", if you wanna head over there and help me out, that would be great: User:NTM/sandbox.

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