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Valentine's Day (SpongeBob SquarePants)

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Valentine's Day (SpongeBob SquarePants)
Valentine's Day SB.png
Series: SpongeBob SquarePants
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 16a
Air Date: February 14, 2000
Writer: Chuck Klein
Jay Lender
Merriwether Williams
Previous episode: Suds
Next episode: The Paper

Valentine's Day is an episode from season 1 of SpongeBob SquarePants. It's an episode with the theme of Valentine's Day. In this episode, SpongeBob has a gift ready for Patrick, which he wants to be a surprise to him. However, Sandy is delayed at delivering the gift.

Why It Rocks

  1. SpongeBob handing everyone Valentine's Day gifts in the beginning is very sweet; he even gave one to Plankton!
  2. The humor is very well packed with funny jokes and visual hilarity.
  3. The dialogue is fun written with care. Examples of nice quotes:
    • "I defy you, heart man!"
    • "Attention everyone, there's a chubby pink starfish on the loose!"
    • "Heart on stick must die!"
    • "Oh my gosh, a quarter! I've always wanted a quarter!"
    • Patrick: "Nuh-uh. I'm gonna say this once and I'm not going to say it again, so pay attention. I am not, I repeat, not going to turn around for any reason...ever!"
      Sandy: "Howdy, Patrick!"
      Patrick (turns around): "Hi, Sandy!"
    • "I can't find it here in the carnival...because it's on top of Mount Climb Up and Fall Off!"
  4. The music used for each scene is very fitting and has great beats to it.
  5. The animation is marvelous, and the zoom in through the coral heart in the beginning is really cinematic.
  6. Patrick getting excited about the surprise, as well as various other forms of fun, is very relatable. Patrick's disappointment at getting a handshake after getting hyped up for something better is also understandable.
  7. The ending is overall a good one, since Patrick gets his gift delivered to him by Sandy and he is very joyed; he also very clearly forgives SpongeBob. Though it can be argued that not everyone present was happy after getting covered by chocolate, but probably they also would even agree that getting splattered by chocolate is better than an angry starfish coming to get you.

Bad Qualities

  1. SpongeBob gave Mrs. Puff her gift while she was driving, which is unsafe; that also caused her to crash her boat.
  2. SpongeBob encourages Patrick to fall on a cliff a second time just to distract him.
  3. At one point when Patrick was screaming, it once sounded like he was saying the n word



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