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VeggieTales FitnessHof

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Hallo, Kinder!

VeggieTales FitnessHof is a German spin-off of the American Christian animated series VeggieTales that premiered in 2008 on DGF and had the entire series released on DVD in 2 volumes 1 year later.


In this preschool spin-off, Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, Junior Asparagus, and Laura Carrot live on a farm with their farmer Günther. The characters go on their amazing adventures together and teach food in detail to children.

Why It Rocks

  1. The way it explains food is much more advanced than every other children's show that tries to do so.
    • This quality especially stands out in the "Gemüsegeschichten" and "Nahrungsdetektive" segments.
  2. Der argentinische Gurkentanz is a nice callback to the Silly Song Dance of the Cucumber.
  3. The VeggieTales characters are just as likable as the original show.
  4. This show manages to include the idea of having the VeggieTales characters interact with humans in a good way.
  5. It retains the half-hour format of the original show.
  6. It was extremely surprised, when the VeggieFriends finally got arms and legs!
  7. The pacing is just right for children to handle.
  8. The channel choice for the show was just right, as DGF focuses on fitness-related programming.
  9. Including Silly Songs from the original show was a nice idea.
    • It's even better when they wrote an original Silly Song for Tomaten-Granaten.
  10. Quiz questions are played at the end of each episode, allowing children to test their knowledge on the vegetable that was the focus of the episode.
  11. "VeggieDissimo" is a great way to keep children focused, especially since it's a cooking segment featured on the show.

Bad Qualities

  1. It only lasted 4 episodes.
  2. Unlike the original show, it does not teach religious values.
    • In fact, it seems like there's hardly any morality of any kind in the series, like with the VeggieTales episode The Wonderful World of Auto-Tainment!.
  1. In Der argentinische Gurkentanz, what does sports training have to do with participating in a dance? It also feels out of place, given that the competition Larry tries to enter is centered around Argentinean culture.
    • Dance of the Cucumber in said episode has its title card unlocalized at the end, yet the Silly Song title card is localized at the start of the song. In the German dub of Rack, Shack & Benny (the VeggieTales episode the song came from), it was localized at both the start and end.
  2. Whenever the veggies' mouths are closed, it looks as if they are mouthless.


  • Entry #4 in the "Why It Rocks" section was originally planned for a VeggieTales movie called The Bob & Larry Movie.