Video Game References (Teen Titans Go!)

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A good Teen Titans Go! episode? Does not compute.

Video Game References is the thirty-ninth episode of the second season of Teen Titans Go!, and the ninety-first overall episode of the series.


Robin sets up a virtual reality room for training purposes, immersing each Titan in their own video game adventure.

Why It Rocks

  1. As the name suggests, there are a lot of clever video game references, including Mario, Zelda, Frogger, Spy Hunter, and Pac-Man, which also proves that pop-culture references are not always bad.
  2. The characters are more likable than usual, especially Robin.
  3. The episode also has very self-aware jokes that take shots at certain video games, such as Beast Boy getting angry at some of the very random and annoying events that happen on the road in Cross the Road, which is a parody of Frogger.
  4. Some memorable jokes even before the Titans enter their own video game adventure, such as Starfire admitting that she is pretending to be excited about everything Robin does because she is trying to be polite, then her eye twitches.
  5. Awesome moments, such as Starfire and her party dancing every time they accomplish something.
  6. Nice video game-style designs on the characters and backgrounds.
  7. Interesting plot.
  8. The usual cringe from the show is kept to a minimum, and instead focuses more on the plot.
  9. No toilet humor, although there is a little twerking at most.

Bad Qualities

  1. The animation is still mediocre.
  2. The ending isn't anything special.
  3. Innuendo: Raven asks why the Clear Guy is eating their "balls".
  4. The Zelda parody can be offensive to Zelda fans.


This is the second highest-rated episode of Teen Titans Go! on iMDB, with a rating of 5.6/10.