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Walk Like An Egyptian Part 1 & 2 (Total Drama World Tour)

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Walk Like An Egyptian
WalkLikeAnEgyptianPt1 .png
Series: Total Drama
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 1 & 2 (Season)

53 & 54 (Overall)

Air Date: Canada: June 10, 2010 (Part 1)

September 9, 2010 (Part 2)

US: June 21, 2010 (Part 1) June 28, 2010 (Part 2)

Writer: Shelly Scarrow (Part 1)

Alex Ganetakos (Part 2)

Director: Keith Oliver

Chad Hicks

Previous episode: Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special (Total Drama Action)
Next episode: Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

Walk Like An Egyptian is the 1st & 2nd episode of Total Drama World Tour.


Part 1: Chris announced that the 17 teens going around the world while singing a song when a musical number comes in. The contestants has to clime over or under the pyramid to get to the finish.

Part 2: The 3 teams travel across the desert & into the Nile.

Why It Truly Walks Like An Egyptian

Part 1

  1. The idea of a competition show traveling around the world is very original.
  2. Cody, Ezekiel, Noah & Tyler return to the competition after they didn't compete in Action.
    • It also brought 2 newcomers, Alejandro & Sierra.
  3. The song aspect is pretty interesting.
    • The song "Come Fly With Us" is a great way to start the musical material & there's some funny quotes:
      • "Come fly with us, come die with us!" - Noah.
      • "Gwen, sing it; don't go!" - Cody.
      • "THIS SUUUUUUCCCKKS!" - Duncan.
        • "Yeah!" - Everyone
  4. The pyramid challenge is pretty interesting.
  5. The three team twist is (or was) unexpected.
    • Not only there's 3 teams, but Chris allows the contestants to choose their team's names.

Part 2

  1. The songs "Lovin' Time" & "Rowin' Time" are really catchy.
    • The closing for "Rowin' Time" with Team Amazon is satisfying.
  2. The challenge is pretty interesting, traveling across the Sahara Desert & crossing the Nile River.
  3. Chris was nice enough to let Izzy & Sierra swap teams to be with their love interests.
  4. When Duncan & Ezekiel gets kicked off the plane can be satisfying depending on your view.

Bad Qualities

Part 1

  1. Chris can be unlikable in some moments where he whacks Owen with a frying pan for not facing his fear & threatening the contestants to sing a song or they're disqualified.
    • Worse, he forgot about the rule in later episodes.
  2. The scene where DJ breaks a mummified dog which was the running gag of the season.
  3. Duncan is also unlikable in this episode as Courtney and Gwen are bragging about trying t untie the rope and thus (temporarily) quitting the competition for good

Part 2

  1. Some mean-spirited moments.
    • Chris can be unlikable in the start of the episode as to where he let his intern being eaten by the scarabs.
  2. Plot hole: Harold breaks the stick when his team is lost in the desert but when Team Victory was in the Nile it was perfectly fine.


  1. Part 2 is the first episode in the series where as to no parts of the episode is located in Canada.


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