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Wanted: Wade (Garfield and Friends)

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Wanted: Wade (Garfield and Friends)
Here is the first episode starring Orson's friends in US Acres.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 1b
Air Date: September 17, 1988
Writer: Mark Evanier
Previous episode: Peace and Quiet (Garfield and Friends)
Next episode: Garfield Goes Hawaiian (Garfield and Friends)
Unidentified Flying Orson (US Acres)

"Wanted: Wade" is the second part of the first episode in the first season of Garfield and Friends, and the first episode of US Acres.


Wade believes that the police will arrest him after he rips the tag off the bottom of a couch.

Why It Rocks

  1. Roy putting on a series of rooster crows on his record player is a clever move as it was morning and they usually indicate that it's time to get up.
  2. The rap song Wade sings about what harm can pulling a tag off a couch is emotional & catchy, and the backgrounds look very detailed.
  3. "The police!" - Wade.
  4. Wade is a likable character as he shows remorse for pulling a tag off the bottom of the couch and confesses to Orson, and Orson as well for saying to him that he's not going to jail.
  5. Thanks to the first 4 reasons mentioned above, it was a great way to start off the US Acres series.
  6. The sign in the song that says "No John Wayne Impressions".

The Only Bad Quality

  1. While not bad, it kind of ended on a cliffhanger, as when Orson said to Wade that he's not going to jail, they heard the police say that they're near the burn and they start running, and although it was Booker who pretended to be a police officer, impersonating one is a crime in real life, and it ends with Roy, Orson and Wade running as Sheldon showed Booker.


  • It holds a rating of 7.7/10 on IMDB.


  • Roy's wake-up call comes from the CD "101 Rooster Crows".


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