Way of the Dee Dee (Dexter's Laboratory)

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""Ow! Oh yeah, well just because I know how to have fun doesn't mean I'm stupid. I may not know all that scientifical factological stuff, but I know how to a climb a tree and I know how to pet a kitty just right... And I know how to tie my own shoe, Mr Zipperboot!""
Dee Dee at the start.

Way of the Dee Dee
Way of the Dee Dee.jpg
"Why do you do this? You are so stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Oh, and let's not forget...you're so stupid!" - Dexter.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 10a
Air Date: December 11, 1996
Director: Paul Rudish
Genndy Tartakovsky
Previous episode: The Big Cheese
Next episode: Say Uncle Sam (The Justice Friends)
Tribe Called Girl

"Way of the Dee Dee" is the first part of the tenth episode in the first season of Dexter's Laboratory.


Dee Dee tries to teach Dexter what it's like to be carefree instead of focusing on science all the time. Upon doing so, Dee Dee learns that Dexter is much more carefree than she is, even going as far as destroying his own lab in the process.

Why It Rocks

  1. Dexter calling Dee Dee "stupid" can be somewhat justified because of her actions in practically every episode of this show, but the things Dee Dee says to Dexter about him spending most of the day working in his laboratory are true as well.
    • But even then, Dee Dee only caused a tiny bit of destruction in his laboratory at the start unlike in most episodes. Also, Dexter instantly regretted calling her said word and therefore asked her for some professional help.
  2. Dee Dee herself is very well-written here, as her explanations to Dexter at the start are understandable and justified as mentioned in WIR#1, and she tries to make Dexter carefree instead of a laboratory person by making him walk through the sandpit, teach him to frolic through the flowers and visualize his favorite animal, balance on a rock and even piggyback ride on him. As for the final excersise (a self-expression one), she even stops him from destroying his own laboratory - calling him a monster and apologizes and leaves for giving him too much help.
  3. Speaking of which, watching the montage of Dexter living carefree, or the "Way of the Dee Dee" was nice and relaxing. It was also fascinating with Dexter explaining about the triceratops first living in South Dakota 140 million years ago, how they were the dinosaurs' greatest enemies & that they're herbivores (plant eaters).
  4. "Heck yeah, I'm a triceratops on a balanced buttercup with spinning wheels, baby!" - Carefree Dexter ready for his final carefree excersise.
  5. Although the ending was dark and sad with Dexter's laboratory being destroyed to pieces, it actually meant something and was very clear that Dexter couldn't live in a carefree style like his sister and had to revert back to his old scientific ways.


  • It holds a rating of 7.5/10 on IMDB.


  • Dee Dee singing "can you sing with all the colors of the rain" is a parody of the "Colors of the Wind" song from the 1995 Disney film, Pocahontas. Her design on the title card is a reference to the Hindu god, Vishnu, due to the similar clothing.


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