We Bare Bears

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We Bare Bears
Yes people, this show BEARLY exists.
Genre: Comedy
Coming-of-age story
Running Time: 11 minutes, 22 for specials
Country: United States
Release Date: July 27, 2015 - May 27, 2019
Network(s): Cartoon Network
Created by: Daniel Chong
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Starring: Eric Edelstein
Bobby Moynihan
Demetri Martin
Jason Lee
Patton Oswalt
Charlyne Yi
Cameron Esposito
Ellie Kemper
Sam Lavagnino
Duncan Joiner
Max Mitchell
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 140
Next show: We Baby Bears (2022)

We Bare Bears is an American animated sitcom created by Daniel Chong for Cartoon Network. The series ran for 4 Seasons from July 27, 2015 to May 27, 2019.


Three brother bears awkwardly attempt to find their place in civilized society, whether they're looking for food, trying to make human friends, or scheming to become famous on the internet. Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear stack atop one another when they leave their cave and explore the hipster environs of the San Francisco Bay Area, and it's clear the siblings have a lot to learn about a technologically driven world. By their side on many adventures are best friend Chloe (the only human character in the cast), fame-obsessed koala Nom Nom, and Charlie, aka Bigfoot.

Why They Bare Bears

  1. The animation, although it often looks indecent and rough, is rather solid, the art style is cute at best.
  2. Likable and charming characters.
    • Grizz, a bear that is optimistic and gluttonous that is also usually lazy and is also the leader of the bears, he also likes to draw anyone's attention, he loves to make friends, he is very talkative but never gets annoying and is aware of helping their siblings if they need help.
    • Panda, a panda bear who has a lot of knowledge about technology and Asian culture, he is Charlie's best friend and also has a behavior with women that makes him awkward and shy, he also loves art and his character favorite anime is Miki-chan.
    • Ice Bear, a character who is skilled in cooking and is expressionless in speaking, is smart and strong and also gets worried about the bears if they are in trouble, tends to do a lot of cleaning around the house.
  3. Great comedy with accurate timing, such as Ice Bear's unforgettable one-liners.
  4. It has a gentle "slice-of-life" pace.
  5. Amazing soundtrack, especially the theme song.
  6. Knows how to make good modern day references.
  7. The episodes, although now they are no longer funny, are pretty good, such as Food Truck and Chloe.
  8. The idea of 3 innocent bears trying to adapt to modern day society is an amazing concept.
  9. Teaches great lessons about friendship, family, relationships, diversity and acceptance.
  10. Cool Easter Eggs are inserted in the show. For example, in My Clique, Chloe is watching an episode of Adventure Time (which is also made by Cartoon Network, the company that made this show). This scene is a reference to the fact that Chloe's voice actor plays multiple roles in Adventure Time.
  11. Great halloween episodes that are like the Treehouse Of Horror in The Simpsons, Except more modern.
  12. It spawned a film called We Bare Bears The Movie in 2020 after the series itself ended in 2019, which was good and funny.
  13. In “Shush Ninjas”, it had classic movie references like The Sound Of Music, Titanic, The Little Mermaid and more.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some exaggerated pop culture references, such as long-dead internet memes such as MissingNo. from Pokémon.
  2. Panda and Grizz are extremely annoying and very unlikeable most of the time due to the fact that most of the dumb ideas that end up going wrong in a few episodes come because of them.
    • Also speaking more about the other characters, Nom Nom and many of the human characters can be very unlikeable and Professor Lampwick can be considered the worst offender by some.
  3. The animation, although not bad, has a lot of flaws, especially for Cartoon Network standards. For example, the movement of the characters' hair seems to be really stiff, which ends up lacking fluidity and that can be seen in several episodes and the character models look too ordinary at best (except for the bears), especially the humans. Also, although the backgrounds and details are pretty good, most of the time they can get pretty muddy and indecent, especially the trees and a large part of the city or at worst see it from a distance since it will be more muddy and it looks like a child would have done it. The palette of colors becomes very repetitive and dull, which completely ruins the aspect of the program itself. Fortunately, in the movie (although still the same as usual) and his spin-off (which in itself looks much better) they improve the animation a lot. And one of the only thing that saves is the art-style.
  4. Most of the time it can easily get highly annoying, hateful, and insufferable as hell. Although almost all the chapters start out calm and normal, due to the disasters that the bears make, they have tons of exceptionally annoying and questionable scenes, for example, in the episode "Primal" there are insufferable moments like Grizzly does not want to give the food and the other bears are desperate, which is disrespectful as it makes the bears even more annoying and tries to continue to please just depending on your point of view them thanks to the problems they cause.
  5. There were some bad or mediocre episodes, like Professor Lampwick or Panda's Birthday (which ended season 4 on a sour note).
  6. Major plot hole: How does Panda fall in love with Lucy? Since Lucy is a person, this is considered zoophilia.
    • However, Panda is anthropomorphic, so this could be excusable.


  • Estelle, the voice of Garnet in another Cartoon Network show called Steven Universe, also sings the theme song for We Bare Bears.
  • The first Cartoon Network show to be based on a webcomic. The webcomic is called The Three Bare Bears, by the same creator.
  • Nobody, not even Grizz or Panda, calls Ice Bear by name, except for Ice Bear himself.
  • Bobby Moynihan, Patton Oswalt and Jason Lee each did voice work in Pixar Films.
  • When it rains all three bears turn a lighter shade of their original colors.
  • It spawned a spin-off called We Baby Bears, which was released on the first day of 2022. Sam Lavagnino and Duncan Joiner did not reprise their roles as Baby Grizz and Baby Panda in the show because they hitted puberty and they became teenagers now, and Baby Grizz and Baby Panda have new voice actors in the series. Unlike the baby bear segments of this show, Ice Bear can actually speak in the series. The previous voice of adult Ice Bear is now the narrator of the show.


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