Wherever I Go (Hannah Montana)

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Wherever I Go (Hannah Montana)
Wherever I Go Hannah Montana.jpg
Wherever we go, we’ll never forget this awesome series, as well as this awesome finale.
Series: Hannah Montana
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 13
Air Date: January 16, 2011
Writer: Michael Poryes
Steven Peterman
Director: Bob Koherr
Previous episode: I Am Mamaw, Hear Me Roar!

Wherever I Go is the 13th and final episode of Season 4 of Hannah Montana and the 98th episode overall, as well as the series finale.


Lilly is furious with Miley for not telling her that the movie will interfere with their college plans. After striking out at his last job, Jackson reluctantly accepts the fact that the only person willing to give him a job is Rico.

Why It Rocks

  1. This episode is pretty emotional, as Miley gets an offer to star in a movie in Paris, leading her to a conflict between her and her best friend, Lilly, because that means she won’t go to college with her best friend.
  2. When Miley tries to convince Lilly to not go to college with her during their weekend orientation at Stanford University, Lilly was happy to go to school with her best friend. This lead to Miley guiltily revealing her movie offer, which has shocked and upset Lilly.
  3. After telling Lilly the truth, Miley goes to Jackson for advise, and they had a touching brother and sister moment (as Robby, Jackson and Miley’s dad, said), that helped Miley realize why Lilly was upset, because they did everything together and Miley didn’t ask Lilly if she wanted to go to Paris with her.
  4. Miley fixes her friendship with Lilly by asking her to come to Paris with her, which made Lilly feel better and she happily said yes, which was heartwarming.
  5. Oliver guest star’s in this episode, which was awesome and it was great to see him return.
  6. Miley and Lilly both had heartwarming goodbyes to their respective boyfriends, Jesse and Oliver, and Oliver gave Lilly some key words that helped her second guess her decision to go to College and not miss the opportunity.
  7. Miley completely understands Lilly when told that she would go to college after all, and they had a sad and emotional goodbye, with them having a montage of living their lives separate for a short time, with the series best song playing, "Wherever I Go". The other songs in the episode were pretty good too.
  8. A good and heartwarming ending where Miley goes to College after all, and becomes Lilly’s roommate, saying there will be other movies, concerts and tours in the future, and she’s taking her chance to be in College with her best friend. They had a heartwarming hug, as Lilly is very happy, and the best friends are together forever. There was also a poster of their pictures together in their dorm room, which was great. The end credits also had pictures of the episodes, which was a nice recall of the series.
  9. The subplot of the episode was also good and very funny, as Jackson tries several jobs to get his girlfriend, Siena, a gift. He does, but then she got him an even better gift, which has distraught him.
  10. Thanks to advice from his sister, Miley, when they were helping each other, he works for Rico, and they become good friends, which is great. The sub-plot also had a good ending where Jackson is a video game tester, relaxing in his hot tub, and bonding with his girlfriend even more. He also talks with Siena on how the relationship between him and his sister can be mean, but he says that they are family and love each other very much, which is heartwarming.
  11. The alternate ending (although, I would call this alt. ending a bonus feature) was good as well, where it shows us our main star, a young Miley Cyrus (who plays Miley Stewart in the show), with her parents, Billy (who plays Robby, Miley and Jackson’s dad, in the show) and Tish, holding her Barbie doll, with Miley wanting to be a rockstar like her dad, and her parents encouraging her to keep believing in herself and her dream will come true someday. This is a heartwarming moment, as this is a scene form real life, and shows a good lesson too. A photograph of the family with an older Miley is also seen, showing that our favorite main star did indeed achieve her dream and became famous, just like the main character she played on this wonderful show.
  12. This episode was a great way to end the series!