Whisker Haven

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Whisker Haven
Welcome to Whisker Haven!
Genre: Animated Series
Running Time: 3​1⁄2 minutes (Seasons 1 and 2)
2 minutes (Season 3)
Country: United States
Release Date: May 22, 2015 – August 14, 2017
Network(s): Disney Junior
Starring: Emma Salzman
Bailey Gambertogilo
Myla Beau
Sanai Victoria
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 31

Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets (also known as Whisker Haven Tales or simply Whisker Haven) is an American animated short series animated and produced by Ghostbot Studios and Disney Publishing. It is based on Disney's Palace Pets toyline, which in turn, is a spinoff of the Disney Princess franchise. The series is directed by Alan Lau and written by Shea Fontana. The series launched on the Disney Junior watch app and then aired on Disney Junior. The animated shorts are now available through the accompanying app, “Palace Pets in Whisker Haven” which also includes activities and games featuring the Palace Pets.


Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets is a series starring a core group of six palace pets: Treasure, Pumpkin, Petite, Sultan, Dreamy and Berry along with the caretaker fairy hummingbird Miss Featherbon. These Palace Pets enter magical portals from their respective Princess Kingdoms and travel to the animal kingdom of Whisker Haven. In this new magical world, the Palace Pets go on fun-filled adventures and learn to value friendship, kindness and loyalty. From putting on a dance show to throwing the biggest ball, there's no task too big, too small, or too glamorous for the Palace Pets.

Why It's A Heart of Friendship

  1. Wonderful voice acting.
  2. Lovable characters:
    • Treasure, Ariel's pet cat, is a curious and adventurous kitten that, unlike most cats, actually happens to adore water.
    • Pumpkin, Cinderella's pet dog, is a prim and proper puppy who loves attending balls, dancing, and dressing up.
    • Petite, Belle's pet horse, is an adventurous pony with a strong-will to match and in spite of her lack of an easy-going temperament, she has bounds of energy.
    • Sultan, Jasmine's pet tiger, is fiercely loyal and brave with a love of taking rides on the magic carpet and eating meats.
    • Dreamy (or Beauty in the game), Aurora's pet cat, is a very sleepy kitty who loves almost nothing more than cuddling and taking naps.
    • Berry, Snow White's pet rabbit, very graceful and gentle bunny who loves cakes, carrots, blackberries, and blueberries.
  3. Amazing plots following the pets of the Disney princesses' adventures together in Whisker Haven.
  4. The other characters are adorable.
  5. Outstanding theme song.
  6. It teaches kids some good morals and lessons just like three other shows (ex. Clean up your mess, it's okay to make mistakes, team up with your friends, help your friend getting ready for halloween, deliver presents to everyone, etc.).

Bad Qualities

  1. It sadly ended on August 14, 2017 for unknown reasons.
  2. The series arguably went downhill during it's final episodes.


The show was originally released in production by Blip Toys before Disney Junior aired the show.


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