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Wild Kratts

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Wild Kratts
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Gonna go wild, wild, Wild Kratts!
Genre: Educational
Running Time: 25 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: January 3, 2011 – present
Network(s): PBS Kids Go! (2011 - 2013)

PBS Kids (2013 - Present)

Created by: Martin Kratt
Chris Kratt
Distributed by: 9 Story Distribution
Starring: Chris Kratt
Martin Kratt
Athena Karkanis
Heather Bambrick
Jonathan Malen
Seasons: 6
Episodes: 151

Wild Kratts is an American-Canadian educational children's animated series created by Chris and Martin Kratt. The Kratt Brothers Company and 9 Story Media Group produce the show, which is presented by PBS in the United States. The show's aim is to educate children about biology, zoology, and ecology, and teach kids small ways to make big impacts.


The basic plot of an episode is usually to save the animals or an animal from a situation, be it villains (Zach Varmitech, Gourmand, and Donita Donata) general human influence, or confusion on a baby animal's part. Most episodes focus on villains, but those that do not usually focus on some real-world problem, either directly (as seen in "Stuck On Sharks" where Gourmand captured a shark for making shark fin soup) or indirectly through allegory ("Build It Beaver" had the beaver's dam destroyed repeatedly through various means; an allegory for deforestation). Additionally, some episodes aim to change the way a creature is seen – creatures that are usually considered frightening, such as bats and crocodiles.

The Kratt brothers are helped by Aviva Corcovardo, a programmer who invents "creature power suits" to help the brothers achieve their goals. Power suits are created to mimic the special abilities of animals to defeat the villains. Koki is the mechanic and computer expert who deals with the running of the "Tortuga", their flying turtle ship.

Along the way, viewers learn about the animals and their lives as the Kratt brothers and the Wild Kratts gang figure out ways to either right wrongs or to get out of the situations they are in. It was stated in an interview that the villains do not learn about the animals and this is why they are always unsuccessful.

Why It's Wild

  1. The show is very educational, as it teaches you about various animals, sometimes even rare or endangered ones. It sometimes even shows you a never-before-seen wildlife moment in every episode!
  2. The animation is great (and it even improved in later episodes). Even though it is animated in Flash, it doesn't have the usual thick black borders that most Flash toons have, and instead opts for lineless animation. It is also very smooth and fluid. Plus, the backgrounds are well drawn.
  3. Likable and entertaining heroes that aren't cliché. Chris and Martin are somewhat exaggerated caricatures of themselves, but they work off each other perfectly. Aviva is a programmer and a real go-getter. Koki is sassy and smart. Jimmy Z is the lazy, game-playing guy in the group. He is somewhat dimwitted, but he's still important to the group. All of them genuinely care about the baby animals they meet and want to protect them and their habitats.
  4. The villains in the show are pretty good too, and are actually competent, unlike most kids show villains. We have Zach Varmitech, who wants to collect animals and turn them into his robot slaves, Chef Gourmand, who wants to cook and serve endangered animals, Donita Donata, who wants to make animals into clothing, and the newest villain, Paisley Paver, who wants to pave over nature.
  5. Chris and Martin use creature power suits made by Aviva to transform into various creatures, and learn about the amazing abilities of the creatures, which is pretty awesome if you are into transforming mecha type shows.
  6. It respects the source material, the Kratt brothers' previous shows: Kratts' Creatures, Be the Creature, and Zoboomafoo.
  7. The theme song, composed by Pure West, is very catchy, and it borders on 90s territory.
  8. The show has had several television movies, such as "A Creature Christmas", "Alaska: Hero's Journey", and "Creatures of the Deep Sea", which were all pretty good movies.
  9. The show teaches us that we should help protect the environment and endangered animals, but it doesn't try to shove it down your throat.
  10. It can get quite mature at times, with Chris and Martin almost getting killed multiple times.
  11. Some funny moments, such as in one episode where Jimmy tries to look for a prairie monkey despite the fact that they don't exist.
  12. Decent voice acting, with Chris and Martin giving great performances as themselves.
  13. After Between the Lions, Fetch with Ruff Ruffman, and WordWorld (all 3 of which were extremely well received) got cancelled in the early 2010s, this show, along with Odd Squad, Ready Jet Go!, and Nature Cat helped to restore PBS Kids' reputation.
  14. In the episode 'Skunked!", Aviva creates a machine that combines and sprays a mixture of Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap which cures the entire Wild Kratts crew of skunk odor. This is a very realistic method of eliminating skunk odor that most tv shows never used.

Bad Qualities

  1. It can be boring sometimes.
  2. The villains plans can be stupid and contrived sometimes. As they are unaware of what will happen to the environment and human survival if they start messing with nature and animals though they don't care about that at all.
  3. It can get hypocritical as the Kratt Brothers keep using proving of “That’s how nature works”, yet keeps saving some animals from predators even during the natural order. Though some animals they rescued from Predators were their friends and they were very young and innocent and it’s difficult to put through all that in a kid’s show that’s made for general audiences.
  4. Chris and Martin were very out-of-character in the ending of “Mini-Madagascar” (See Trivia.)
  5. Starting with "Cats & Dogs" special, Koki has been recasted due to the George Floyd protests controversy, which goes a victory of political correctness.
    • Sabyrn Rock as Koki isn't as good as Heather Bambrick, depending on your opinion. Eve though there are aspects that sounded like Heather Bambrick it has a large noticeable difference.


  • Surprisingly, despite being animal lovers no matter how cute or dangerous the creatures are to them, the one time the Kratt Brothers did say something negative to an animal is the mouse lemur in “Mini Madagascar”.

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