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Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

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Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!.jpg
Wow! Wow! Wubbtastic!
Genre: Adventure
Running Time: 24 minutes (Two 12 minute segments)
Country: United States
Release Date: August 21, 2006 – February 21, 2010
Network(s): Nickelodeon (US)
Nick Jr. (US, UK, Australia)
Bang Bang (Albania)
Baraem TV (Arab countries)
ABC (Australia)
Discovery Kids (Brazil, Latin America)
Disney Junior (Canada)
DR2 (Denmark)
Super RTL (Germany, Israel)
Cartoon Network (India, Philippines, Turkey)
TG4 (Ireland)
Hop! Channel (Israel)
Canal Panda, Clan, RTP2 (Portugal, Spain)
Created by: Bob Boyle
Distributed by: Starz Media
Bolder Media
Frederator Studios
Starring: Grey DeLisle
Lara Jill Miller
Carlos Alazraqui
Tara Strong
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 52 (104 segments)

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! is an American animated adventure-comedy show aimed at preschoolers made by Bob Boyle (the person who also created Disney's Yin Yang Yo!). It ran from August 21, 2006 (as a sneak peek on Noggin) to February 21, 2010.


The show focuses on a yellow, rectangular gerbil-like creature named Wubbzy, who has various antics with his friends, Widget, a rabbit-like creature who can build; Walden, a bear-like creature who is a brainiac; and since the second season, Daizy, a puppy-like creature who loves flowers.

Why It's Wubbtastic

  1. Catchy post-punk/new wave-influenced 1980s-style theme song and visuals.
  2. Impressive Mark Mothersbaugh-esque soundtrack.
  3. Talented voice acting by Grey DeLisle, Lara Jill Miller, Carlos Alazraqui, Tara Strong, and more.
  4. Likable characters, especially all four main characters: Wubbzy (the yellow gerbil-like creature), Widget (the pink rabbit), Walden (the purple bear) and Daizy (the green puppy).
  5. Good lessons, like "Don't lie", "Don't open stuff that belongs to someone else", "It's okay to receive help from friends and family", and more.
  6. Original stories, such as Wubbzy, Widget, and Walden visiting Dino Island.
  7. Cutesy animation that manages to appeal to older audiences, despite being a preschool show.
  8. Many funny moments from each episode.
  9. Cute and adorable character designs, especially for Wubbzy, Daizy and the Wubb Girlz (Shine, Sparkle and Shimmer).
  10. Beyoncé appeared in this and had a pretty decent role as Shine, and her voice doesn't feel out of place.
  11. Memorable catchphrases like "That's kooky!".
  12. Creative engineering in each episode that doesn't feel formulaic unlike other Nick Jr. shows at the time.
  13. Many great and memorable episodes.
  14. "Wubbzy's Rainy Day" was a pretty good way to end the show on a high note. (WRD was the final episode in production order)

Bad Qualities

  1. Wubbzy's catchphrase, "Wow!", can get a bit annoying after a while.
  2. A couple of continuity errors.
    • For example, in Perfecto Party, the ending revealed that Wubbzy is allergic to marshmallows but was never shown that way in Wubbzy in the Woods, even though that episode aired before Perfecto Party, also wasn't like that in The Snow Shoo Shoo, Tea for Three or Wubbzy and the Sparkle Stone. Though, to be fair, he might've gotten over his allergy of marshmallows.
  3. Wubbzy's Big Movie! wasn't that good as it was basically a compilation of older episodes.
  4. A few bad episodes, including "Wubbzy's Big Makeover", "Monster Madness", "Wubbzy in the Middle", "Mr. Unlucky" and "Woozy Walden".
  5. While Season 2 was generally well-received, it may have been considered mediocre for some viewers. It introduced the super girly Daizy and also the Jukebox Robot and its musical segment, which probably wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the four Jukebox Robot songs cycled throughout the 26 episode season. Noticeably, there are also some scenes where the animation is a bit choppier than usual.
    • Also, it seems kind of noticeable that the series started attempting to become a cash cow by the time Season 2 started running with tons of DVDs and merchandise being repetitively spewed out of nowhere.
  6. "Woozy Walden" was a terrible way to end a beloved series' original run. (Woozy Walden was the final episode in airing.)


  • According to this teaser, the show was supposed to premiere in Spring 2006.
  • Wubbzy originally had an uncredited male actor during one of the old trailers.
  • This was based on Bob Boyle's unpublished book he did for his niece, called The Tail of Flopsy, Mopsy, and Ted.
  • Nickelodeon (in the United States) broadcast this show from August 28, 2006, to December 20, 2010, while Nick Jr. (formerly Noggin) (in the United States) broadcast from the same premiere date to April 14, 2014, when Nickelodeon's rights to the show expired.
  • Grey DeLisle and Lara Jill Miller, the voices of Wubbzy (Grey only) and Widget (Lara only), played in other shows, most notably, the twins (Grey only) and Lisa Loud (Lara only) in The Loud House.