Zuzubaland (2018 series)

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Zuzubaland (2018 series)
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Brazil's famous bee has entered in the new generation.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 6-7 minutes
Country: Brazil
Release Date: May 25, 2018 - present
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Mariana Caltabiano
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Starring: Daniel Costa
Hugo Picchi
Eduardo Jardim
Luiza Porto
Bruna Guerin
Antoniela Canto
Luciana Ramanzini
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 39
Previous show: Zuzubaland (1998)

Zuzubaland (Zuzubalândia, in its original language) is a Brazilian animated comedy series made by Mariana Caltabiano, who created As Aventuras de Gui & Estopa, on YouTube and Boomerang, later rerun on SBT on Sábado Animado.


Zuzubaland focuses on a cute and tomboyish little bee girl, Zuzu, who lives in a magical food-themed kingdom called Zuzubalândia.

Why It Rocks

  1. It's good to bring Zuzu and her pals back for almost 20 years.
  2. It was zanier, wackier and cartoonier than the original 1998 live-action series.
  3. The titular bee girl Zuzu is a very cute, tomboyish protagonist.
  4. This reboot features new character designs, most of which are superior to the designs from the original 1998 show.
    1. Zuzu has a more cute, tomboyish and friendly appearance, in contrast to her 1998 version.
      • Zuzu’s character design is very adorable, and is much cuter then her puppet from the 1998 series.
    2. Suspiro, Pipoca and Maria-Mole has designs more human-like similar to those of the book Jujubalândia, which can be considered a good tribute to the original material.
    3. Maria-Mole looked so cute, that she had her ponytail and her cutesy voice.
    4. Brigadeiro got a more humanized and friendly appearance, different from the original show where he was a giant candy with human head, arms and legs.
    5. Fast-Food also underwent a redesign similar to that of Brigadeiro, in the original he was a giant hamburger, his current design is much more creative looking like a fast-food worker.
    6. Anoréxica also looked much better, as her old design was considered a little scary.
    7. Sushiroco received a much better design, since his original 1998 design was racist.
  5. The location of Zuzubaland is still creative.
  6. The characters' personality also got better (except for Pipoca), most notably Zuzu, who in the original show was a snobbish mean popular girl stereotype, while in this series Zuzu is more friendly, as a very cute tomboy.
  7. Tons of very good references, especially the Disney media.
  9. The animation of the series is much more vibrant and smooth, like the later episodes of Gui & Estopa. This is due to the fact that the series was co-produced with Boomerang and also the animation studio SuperToons, known for having rendered service to popular Brazilian brands such as Mônica and Friends, Senninha and Patati Patatá.
  10. The theme song is pretty catchy and superior the theme song for the 1998 series.
  11. The soundtrack is decent and has well-composed songs.
  12. Great voice acting, especially for both the Portuguese and English dubs.
    1. The original Brazilian dub is also a evolution over Gui & Estopa's dub, since it has a greater variety of voice actors and Mariana Caltabiano does not voice any character.
  13. The series has a decent comedy with slapstick jokes, like Gui & Estopa.
    • Many food-themed puns are very funny.
  14. There are some special guest stars that are modeled after real celebrities, some notable examples being Brad Pizza (Brad Pitt), Adam Espaghettini (Adam Levine), Justin Zieber (Justin Bieber) and many more.
  15. The character animation style looks like a breed between Harvey Girls Forever! and The Loud House, and it looks very good.
  16. Some pop-culture celebrities make guest appearances, such as Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes of the Warner Bros. fame in the episode “Sneeze Spell”, and Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel's iconic superheroes such as Spider-Man and Iron Man, in the episode “Spider-Bro”.
  17. "Giant Pumpkins" revealed that Hot Dog wears his hot dog buns as his iconic outfit.

Bad Qualities

  1. Despite having a decent voice acting, the voices of some characters (in the original Brazilian voice acting) are terrible, like Brigadeiro, Laricão and Garfídea. On top of that, Zuzu's voice is too girly for male voice actors.
    1. The Spanish dub is infamously weak.
  2. Zuzu's singing voice is still too painful.
  3. Pipoca can be unlikable at times since she’s pretty much an idiot, especially in the episode “Zuzu’s Diet”.
  4. Few of the uneatable episodes.
  5. The script of the episodes can feel very weak and bland at times.
  6. Some of the characters’ names are pretty generic, being named after the food they are.
  7. Just like the original show, this show also feels like a Strawberry Shortcake rip-off.
  8. Too-much gross-out humor, as well as the overused fart humor, an infamous example being in the episode “Colorless Riding Hood” where it’s revealed that Zuzu really loves farting, in fact in "The Egg", she loves being farted in her face and smells the thicker stench. Also, Garfidea farts whenever she laughs too much.


It received generally mixed reviews on IMDB, having a 5.8. But, was well received by the fans of the original 1990s puppet show.



Eric Bagwell

one month ago
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How does Zuzu really loves farting?


one month ago
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Seriously, this doesn't explain anything about the show.

Eric Bagwell

one month ago
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At least, the witch did that, when Garfidea did caused more BIG trouble.


one month ago
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And how the witch screaming it may be a good reason to put in "Why it Rocks"?

Eric Bagwell

one month ago
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Because, she was extremely angry.


one month ago
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The topics in 7, 14 and 16 are pratically the same thing (the show makes references to pop culture).

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